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Carpet, Hardwood, Vinyl, and Porcelain Tile for Brockville’s Floors

At Tile Tech Floor & Bathroom Solutions, we offer a variety of flooring options including carpet, hardwood, and porcelain tile to Brockville’s homeowners. Browse our options to make a selection on the kind of flooring your home needs!


Porcelain tile may seem delicate, but it’s very tough! It has good longevity can stand up to walking, spills, and more. There are two types of porcelain tile to choose from: through-bodied and glazed. Through bodied has the same colour and texture all the way through the tile, which decreases the visibility of chips and scratches. Glazed tiles are covered in a layer of hard finish or a similar material that makes it strong and dense. Porcelain tile is also incredibly easy to clean – just wipe away the dirt! Check out our catalogue to make a selection on the colour. The brands of porcelain tiles we work with include:

Ceratec Ceramic Tile
Centura Tile
San Marco
Sarana Tile
Olympia Tile + Stone®
Emerald Tile + Marble
AOD Stone
Realstone Systems™
Cermanic Concepts
Holten Impex


Whether you want the soft, rustic appearance of pine, hemlock, or fir, or the strong, elegant hues of walnut or cherry, hardwood for your home’s floors is a trusted choice. You can also consider parquet and cork flooring as alternatives to traditional hardwood. Parquet is quite unique in that it is a hardwood tile composed of strips of wood that have been glued into a pattern. This brings a versatile look to home. Cork has grown in popularity since it absorbs sound and has a pleasing, modern look. Our brands of hardwood flooring include:

Fuzion Flooring
Goodfellow Originals
Knights of Meaford Inc.
Zenith Wood Turners Inc.
Boiseries Can-Air Woodworks Inc
Dubeau Floors


This option for flooring is tried and true! Not only is it affordable, is it easy to install and remove compared to other flooring options. It is comfortable and comes in a variety of colours, textures, and options for style. It also absorbs sound! Our carpeting brands include:

Richmond Carpet
Venture Carpets
Armstrong® Flooring
Air.o™ by Mohawk®
Belle Tile


Vinyl is a very versatile option for your home. Not only is it easy to clean, it’s also very durable and fairly quick to install compared to other flooring options. It’s also affordable the way carpet is but keeps the shine and beauty of a hard floor. Our vinyl brands include:

Armstrong® Flooring
Mohawk® Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank

So few homeowners consider this option – and it is truly an incredible choice! This kind of vinyl takes design a step further and imitates hardwood and stone flooring, but with all the benefits of vinyl flooring such as lower costs, water resistance, and easy maintenance! If you want an elegant, easy-to-maintain look for your home, we recommend you consider luxury vinyl tile! Our brands of luxury tile include:

Armstrong® Flooring
Moduleo IVC
Fuzion SmartDrop
Fuzion Dynamix XL

Contact us today to get started on creating a stylish look for the carpets and floors in your home!

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